About Sewer View LLC


When buying a new home, it is so important to know exactly what you are getting into upfront - each home new or old, can come with potential problems that can cost you as the homeowner, thousands of dollars in repairs.


What we can offer you, as a buyer is piece of mind, and the advance knowledge of the home's sewer line condition - BEFORE you sign on the dotted line, and commit to the purchase.

As a long term Denver resident, I have had a varied career, from working as a farmer, a truck driver, a business manager, a casino manager, and also a real estate investor.

It was during this last job, that I realized the importance of having a clear picture of a property's sewer line before I tied money up into the property.

When purchasing properties, I had scoped three properties in a row, with no problems. I began to wonder if the inspection was truly necessary. However, on the fourth property there was a broken sewer tap. When I received an estimate to fix this issue, it was going to be an expensive problem - to the tune of $4795
. And I was lucky - a typical sewer problem can cost the home owner as much as $10,000 to $15,000 dollars in unexpected costs. By knowing about the problem up front, my realtor was able to negotiate a $2500 reduction in the price of the property. Otherwise, after the deal was done this would have been a very unpleasant surprise.

At this point, I realized that all home owners have been taking a similar risk - buying properties without knowing what troubles the home could have. So I decided to combine this unique business opportunity with my love of riding my Harley as seen in the picture above. I now offer the potential home buyer the chance to get a simple sewer inspection for $139, and provide them with a color DVD of the results - before you make the purchase. I spend most of my work days riding my bike from home location to home location. In fact, the service has now also become quite popular with many home inspectors as well - they are now bundling my service with their home inspection to help protect their clients.

I do truly enjoy my work, spending my days outdoors, and know that I am helping people by providing a valuable service, and preventing what could be a financial disaster. (Face it folks,there are a lot of things we might be willing to give up. But a working toilet is not one of them)! All of my equipment is very modern, including fiber-optic cameras, laptops, and digital cell services, and it all rides with me from site to site in the custom trailer attached to my Harley. Because I am constantly on the road, I also am very punctual, and in many cases can arrive very quickly on each site - so the potential home buyer is not waiting long.

So why take a chance on your next home purchase - let Sewer View make your home buy a safe one - and provide the clear view of your property's sewer line condition up front. Eliminate costly and painful surprises, and I will be happy to ride out to see you today!

Tim Simon
Owner, Sewer View, LLC