The Inspection Process


  After arriving at the property, the first order of business is to find the best way to access the sewer main. Usually we walk around the outside of the house first to determine if there is a clean-out somewhere in the yard that will give access to the sewer main.

If no clean-out is found outside, then the house is inspected for a sewer clean-out. If the house has a basement, a clean-out could be found in this area. Otherwise there are several places to find access in the house.

  • Sometimes a floor drain will work.
  • Other times a toilet will have to be pulled to gain access.
  • Many times if the house does not have a basement the best way is to use the vent on the roof of the house.
All houses have roof vents. After it is determined how to access the sewer line the equipment is set up.

The equipment includes a color camera with a built in transmitter so that it can be located when a problem is found. The camera is attached to 300 ft. of fiber-optic cable which is connected to a video monitor and a DVD recorder. We can employ a locating device which finds the signal from the camera transmitter outside above the pipe line.
When everything is ready the DVD recorder is turned on. Before putting the camera in the sewer line, the room will be panned showing something in the room that is easily identifiable so whoever is looking at the video can easily determine the house that is being inspected is in fact the house they want to inspect. It is desirable to have the client or their representative present when doing the inspection, so if there are any issues with the condition of the line they can easily be explained right on the spot. The camera is pushed into the sewer by hand. As it passes through the line, the monitor displays if there are excessive roots, or a low spot where waste does not drain properly. It will be shown if there are breaks, cracks, offsets (where pipes do not line up properly) Or....
Even though all inspections have a detailed written report and DVD, it is much easier to understand what is being seen if we can discuss and understand any problems together. If the inspection is for the purchase of a home and problems are found, usually other people are involved after the inspection, such as the sellers agent and or the seller themselves. If someone is present it is easier to explain the results. If a problem is found, it will be referenced by the footage marker on the screen which also appears on the finished DVD. The problem area is then located outside by finding the signal that is transmitted from the camera head. The depth also is found. The area involved will either be marked with spray paint or a flag.
This will help a potential contractor to give an accurate estimate on the needed repairs.

Sewer View does not do any direct repairs - we can however, refer a contractor if you would like one.