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In 2008 when Sewer View was started, I had no idea what to expect. I was beginning business in basically a new industry. “Dissecting residential sewer lines”. There was no school (still is not). I was going to ride around on my motorcycle, pulling my trailer with all my equipment, and try to make a living. I had acquired eight months of experience contracting for someone else. It was a simple business. If the line was broke, recommend a repair! If the line had too many roots, repair it! If the line was holding any water, repair it! Repair, repair… All I needed was clients and credibility. I depended on word of mouth. Riding a Harley and pulling a trailer with my logo on it helped on word of mouth.

Not long after I started Sewer View, I found out there is more to an inspection than pass or fail. Some inspectors today still use this method. Most sewer lines are not perfect, even new ones. The more I inspected, the more I knew I had a lot to learn. Most of the sewer lines I was inspecting were homes built from 1900 into the 1970’s. Unless they had been repaired they were clay tile. I saw roots, cracks, breaks, low spots, offsets, etc. For the most part they were functioning well, not perfect, but no apparent immediate problems. And of course, you had the no brainers, (still my favorite) line broke, everyone can see. No questions asked. Sewer line repairs are expensive. I myself do not like to be told to fix something, just because I was told it needed fixed. I was repeatedly asked why, and I had no logical answer. I began talking to, and showing, other professionals videos and asking for opinions. And of course more inspections and gaining knowledge. Many of the cracks, breaks, offsets, or low spots holding water, in my opinion were not in need of repair. All indications were many of these defects had been there for years, if not since the line was installed. More than one repair company let me know they made a pretty good living on ‘’unnecessary repairs”. Yet the industry felt, sewer lines passed or failed. I began looking at the break, or low spot, etc. differently. Since then we have learned a lot about sewer lines and what make them work, or not. Experience, experience, exper…, that’s the difference.

After four years Sewer View was a real business. It was becoming too difficult to run a business from a motorcycle. Not to mention. I could not keep up anymore on my own. I took on my first technician. Now we have several technicians and office personnel. The motorcycle is now for pleasure only.

What has not changed over the years is our goal to give the best comprehensive, non-bias report, supported by a video, of the sewer line of the property you are inspecting. We accomplish this by using the top of the line equipment. We have all self-leveling color main line cameras. We can inspect lines down to a 1”. We inspect, that’s it. We do not repair or clean lines.

Please make sure whoever inspects your property they do not offer any other services. Absolutely no repairs! Non-bias opinion. That’s it.

More important than the equipment, “We Have Experience”. Our technicians have experience. With over 25,000 inspections we know we have not seen it all. All videos are easily shared between techs or clients for further opinion if necessary. All new technicians videos are reviewed by a more experienced set of eyes until I feel comfortable with their diagnosis of the line.

Yes! Experience counts! Sewer View LLC – Same Price – Same Name- Same phone # – 2008 to present

Tim Simon Owner

Sewer View LLC


Tim Simon

Tim Simon

The owner of Sewer View – Sewer Line Inspections, has been performing inspections since 2008.

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Inspect the sewer line in your new home first with Sewer View!

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