The Sewer View Difference

Since Sewer View started in 2008, we have inspected well over 25,000 sewer lines in Denver and the surrounding front range. A couple things have changed. I no longer get to ride around on my Harley all day and get paid for it. Another big change, no more one man show. Other than that, the biggest change for us is how much knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. It is no longer a thumb’s up or down decision on your sewer line. We give reasons why we believe a line is good or bad. None of this ‘’because we said so’’, or ‘’it could become a problem’’. You will never see a recommendation that says, “Consult a Professional”. We are the professionals!

Fact, almost anyone can push the camera down a sewer line.

More Important Fact. It takes a trained, and experienced eye to properly diagnose many of today’s sewer lines. Therefore, we train extensively and continually. In an industry that relies so heavily on opinion, experience is the best knowledge. Sewer View has experience! Sewer View has knowledge!

We now have technicians. Each technician goes through extensive training. New technician’s videos and reports are reviewed by a more experienced set of eyes before they are released to the client. At least 250 inspections are reviewed before they are on their own. The videos must match the information on the report. We also realize, none of us will ever see it all. With what we have available with technology today. We can share videos and get a second opinion on a difficult call in the matter of minutes.

Not all breaks require a repair. Some types of breaks are very common and most likely were the results of installation. Many low spots have nothing to do with the line failing, the line was installed a little off. This does not necessarily mean it needs to be fixed. Roots, in most cases, are nothing more than a maintenance item. Compare it to replacing the filter in your furnace. Clean it, it flows. It takes experience to know the difference. The Sewer View difference.

All our main line cameras are color and self-leveling. Many inspectors today still do not offer a self-leveling camera. We have always had both! Both make a significant difference in assuring our technician gets the best visual assistance in determining the true condition of the sewer line, and for you to be able to understand what you are seeing. Each camera has a built-in transmitter allowing us to locate where and how deep the camera is. Sewer View has the ability to inspect 300’ sewer lines without additional equipment. In addition to main line cameras, we are able to inspect and locate lines as small as 1” in diameter. We presently have 3 different size of camera. All color!

All of our monitors are 14” laptops. None of these 5” to 10” monitors which show little detail. Would you rather watch a movie on a cell phone or a laptop? Enough said.

The most significant change and improvement has beenDrum roll please… No more handwritten reports. All reports are now typed and legible. Our video quality has always been excellent. Since 2010, we have been able to share videos through email digitally, with ease, to all parties involved. No waiting around for days for the video.

Same price today as in 2008. $139, Ask for $20 off, you get it. Only valid if you ask through our contact form. Residential homes in our normal area of coverage, which includes I-25 corridor, from Denver, to Boulder, Longmont, to Castle Rock.

No upcharges, one price. “We Inspect, That’s it”.

Experience Counts, Sewer View LLC

Same Name – Same Price – Same phone 720 201 3774 – 2008 to present

Tim Simon

Tim Simon

The owner of Sewer View – Sewer Line Inspections, has been performing inspections since 2008.

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Inspect the sewer line in your new home first with Sewer View!

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